1. Warranty

O'Briens Roofing warranties, for 10 years from the date of installation, the workmanship relating to the installation of any concrete or terracotta tile roof fitted by one of the company's approved sub-contractors.

We confirm that at the time of installation the roof was fixed in accordance with the most current version of Australian Standard AS 2050 unless notified in writing by O'Briens Roofing.

2. O'Briens Roofing’s Obligations

O'Briens Roofing agrees to make good any faulty workmanship if it can be proven that the work is not in accordance with Australian Standard AS 2050. Written notification of non-compliance must be submitted to O'Briens Roofing within 10 years of the date of installation.

3. Exclusions

(a) This warranty does not cover flexible pointing. Any claim to rectify flexible pointing needs to be made to the flexible pointing manufacturer.

(b) This warranty does not apply to workmanship adversely affected by any factor beyond the control of O'Briens Roofing (including an act of God, natural disaster, war or riot).

(c) As far as it is permitted by statute, O'Briens Roofing limits its liability to one of the following: supplying the services again; or paying for the services to be supplied again.

(d) O'Briens Roofing will have no liability to you for any loss (including loss of profits and consequential loss), damage to persons or property or death or injury caused by any act or omission of O'Briens Roofing or its agents.

(e) This warranty excludes all other warranties and liability for damage or loss in connection with defects in your O'Briens roof apart from those imposed by law (including Australian Trade Practices Act). This warranty is issued by O'Briens Roofing Pty. Ltd. ABN 25 098 766 968.

(f) This warranty only covers roofs installed after February 2001.

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